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We convey and nurture our passion for fine craftsmanship through our products as they are the reflection of how much we understand and value our customers.

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Our Products

Our products are hologram marked as “Century” which represents reliability, durability and stands as the benchmark of purity and quality.

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Our Services

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Our high-end Slitting facility, being a unique feature compared to 95% of other domestic manufacturers, is competent enough to make robust, sophisticated and tailor-made products to meet the expectations of the market and individual customers alike.

We have long-term and amicable association with a wide network of distributors in Kerala, the foundation of which is rooted in mutual trust. Our supplier chain is equally strong which facilitate hassle-free purchases.  Strengthening these two strong pillars, we ensure non-stop production availing the trained labour reserve we have in our facility on a 24x7 basis.

Century Steel Profiles has risen to eminence over the years being a trusted partner in construction industry.  Our sole focus goes to creating the best ceiling profiles. Our celling solutions are light weight, customizable and sturdy to suit the requirements to our customers. With utmost importance to uncompromising quality, our steel ceiling accessories withstand the test of time. We know that we are responsible for the life of your ceiling.

About Us

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